You are driving down the street and you see a well-maintained house that you think to yourself is beautiful. That is curb appeal at its finest. It refers to the entire exterior of the house, including the landscaping and fixtures, the sidewalks, and the driveway. To have good curb appeal, you will need to make sure all of that looks good.

First impressions are important and when someone is looking for a home to buy, the first thing they will see is the outside of the house. If they do not like what they see when they pull up, they are not likely to look at the inside, making it more difficult for you to sell your home. When you drive by a house and think to yourself that it is beautiful, that is a successful curb appeal.

Your curb appeal is your chance to take some pride in your ownership and show that the home is cared for. There are many ways you can dress up the house to improve the curb appeal, including painting the exterior or planting some fresh flowers. While you may not be able to make your house look as polished as that beautiful one you drove by, you can still make it look nice enough that someone wants to picture themselves living there.

Online Curb Appeal

This is especially important in the digital age because instead of driving around looking at houses, prospective buyers will look at houses online. If the first photo of the house online, which is usually the front exterior of the house, does not look good, the buyer is likely to just scroll past it.

Assessing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

While the house may seem fine to you as the owner, the prospective buyers may not see it in the same light, so you may want to have an objective person look at the exterior and give you suggestions.

Another way you can assess your curbside appeal is to pull up to the house and park where a prospective buyer would. Look at the house as if you were planning to buy it. What is your first impression of the house and yard? What are the best features you see? What are the worst features you see? Looking at the house in this manner can help you determine what you may need to do to increase curb appeal.

Taking photos in black and white can also help you see any issues that need addressing. Removing the distractions of color can help you look at things a little more neutrally.

You will also need to check your curb appeal at night, in case a prospective buyer decides to drive by in the evening. The best way to improve your night curb appeal is to add lighting. Having a well-lit yard can greatly improve your curb appeal, because having a lit-up yard can be a theft deterrent, making a prospective buyer feel like the home is safer.