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“I saved more than $5,000 by going through Silverline Advantage! With these savings, I was able to purchase new appliances for my home, and put the rest towards the moving expenses”

– C. Duke

“I called our lender and they could not come close to matching either the interest rate or the savings at closing. We have found a lender for life.”

– K. Schillings

“It’s unbelievable how seamless this mortgage approval has gone, how quick and efficient the process has been, and HOW MUCH MONEY WE HAVE SAVED by using them!!”

– G. Ribble

“without Silverline Advantage waiving lender fees (and adding a lender credit on top of that!) I would not have been able to make the winning bid on the house I wanted”

– E. Henson

“brent has helped me with two new home mortgages and one refinance. He was always available to help with any questions I had. It was great to work with someone as knowledgeable and professional as Brent”

– Lisa Kaye

“I have always used brent for mortgage finance and information for over 8 years. He always is there to help with any questions and always gets me the lowest rates.”

– Steve Sucharski

“Brent was a pleasure to work with and made the entire mortgage prosess smooth and easy. He found us the best rate out of several different companies. We will continue to do buisness with him for years to come”

– Samantha Boyer

Exclusively available through Silverline Advantage

Buying a home with a Silverline Advantage?
Buying a Keller Williams listing?

Then you’re eligible for savings with Advantage Plus+ Zero Fee Loan!

  •  Zero Origination Fee

  •  Zero Lender Fees

  •  Plus $1,000 at Closing
    *Towards 3rd Party Costs

  •  Plus A Low Rate
    *$1,000 closing credit on loans $150k +

At Silverline Advantage we see the best in you and deliver the best for you. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to lending. Loans, like people, are unique. That’s why we take the time to find out what is special about you and what tools your situation allows us to leverage in order to provide you with the best lending solutions to meet your financial goals.

In addition to humanizing the mortgage process, we also simplify it. Our knowledgeable loan experts are there to assist you every step of the way with answers to your most important questions, and our industry-leading technology will allow you to share your necessary personal information with us swiftly and securely. You’re more than a credit a score and an annual income and you deserve to be treated that way. At Silverline Advantage we’re simplifying the process and humanizing your experience to deliver the best lending options possible. Contact us today to see what the best lending solution is for your unique situation!